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group, there was a great increase in the number of lateral roots that appeared. This effect
can be seen in the following photograph:
Effect of Electrical Stimulation on (Pepper) Plant Roots
Source: 14
In addition to the above characteristics of roots, they are also responsible for seeking out
sources of water. Having a large root system is thus beneficial not only for its ability to
draw in nutrients in greater amounts, but also in its ability to locate multiple water sources.
Since electroculture often results in plants developing a denser root structure, they then
have the ability to transpire greater amounts of water, helping with a number of other
functions including the support of photosynthetic function, mineral transport to higher
regions, and cooling via evaporation 15 .
Nutrient Uptake Rate
With root hairs being the business end of the root system, their collectively-large surface
area is of enormous value with regards to enabling plants to take in great amounts of water
and nutrients from the surrounding soil. Root growth in general can profoundly affect this.
Since electroculture can help plants with the accelerated production of new lateral roots 16 ,
it can have a significant effect on helping them maximize water and nutrient consumption.
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