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of an array is already sorted. (When the algorithm starts, we set k to 0 .) We
enlarge the initial sequence by inserting the next array element, a[k + 1] , at the
proper location. When we reach the end of the array, the sorting process is
For example, suppose we start with the array
Of course, the initial sequence of length 1 is already sorted. We now add a[1] ,
which has the value 9. The element needs to be inserted before the element 11. The
result is
Next, we add a [2] , which has the value 16. As it happens, the element does not
have to be moved.
We repeat the process, inserting a[3] or 5 at the very beginning of the initial
Finally, a[4] or 7 is inserted in its correct position, and the sorting is completed.
The following class implements the insertion sort algorithm:
public class InsertionSorter
Constructs an insertion sorter.
@param anArray the array to sort
public InsertionSorter(int[] anArray)
a = anArray;
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