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Are the calls to the endOfMonth methods resolved by early binding or
late binding? Inside the printBalance method, is the call to
getBalance resolved by early binding or late binding?
΢ Exercise R10.13. Explain the terms shallow copy and deep copy.
΢ Exercise R10.14. What access attribute should instance fields have? What
access attribute should static fields have? How about static final fields?
΢ Exercise R10.15. What access attribute should instance methods have?
Does the same hold for static methods?
΢΢Exercise R10.16. The fields and System.out are static
public fields. Is it possible to overwrite them? If so, how?
΢΢Exercise R10.17. Why are public fields dangerous? Are public static fields
more dangerous than public instance fields?
΢GExercise R10.18. What is the difference between a label, a text field, and a
text area?
΢΢GExercise R10.19. Name a method that is defined in JTextArea , a
method that JTextArea inherits from JTextComponent , and a
method that JTextArea inherits from JComponent .
Additional review exercises are available in WileyPLUS.
΢ Exercise P10.1. Enhance the addInterest method of the
SavingsAccount class to compute the interest on the minimum balance
since the last call to addInterest . Hint: You need to modify the
withdraw method as well, and you need to add an instance field to
remember the minimum balance.
΢΢Exercise P10.2. Add a TimeDepositAccount class to the bank
account hierarchy. The time deposit account is just like a savings account,
but you promise to leave the money in the account for a particular number
of months, and there is a penalty for early withdrawal. Construct the
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