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΢GExercise R9.17. From a programmer's perspective, what is the most
important difference between the user interfaces of a console application
and a graphical application?
΢GExercise R9.18. What is the difference between an ActionEvent and a
MouseEvent ?
΢΢GExercise R9.19. Why does the ActionListener interface have only
one method, whereas the MouseListener has five methods?
΢΢GExercise R9.20. Can a class be an event source for multiple event types?
If so, give an example.
΢΢GExercise R9.21. What information does an action event object carry?
What additional information does a mouse event object carry?
΢΢΢GExercise R9.22. Why are we using inner classes for event listeners? If
Java did not have inner classes, could we still implement event
listeners? How?
΢΢GExercise R9.23. What is the difference between the paintComponent
and repaint methods?
΢GExercise R9.24. What is the difference between a frame and a panel?
Additional review exercises are available in WileyPLUS.
΢ Exercise P9.1. Have the Die class of Chapter 6 implement the
Measurable interface. Generate dice, cast them, and add them to the
implementation of the DataSet class in Section 9.1 . Display the average.
΢ Exercise P9.2. Define a class Quiz that implements the Measurable
interface. A quiz has a score and a letter grade (such as B+ ). Use the
implementation of the DataSet class in Section 9.1 to process a
collection of quizzes. Display the average score and the quiz with the
highest score (both letter grade and score).
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