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Patterned Geometry
When designing a part geometry, oftentimes there are elements of symmetry in each part or
there are at least a few features that are repeated multiple times. In these situations, NX of-
fers you some commands that save your time. For example, you can use mirror features to
design symmetric parts, which makes designing the part quicker. This is because you only
have to design a portion of the part and use the mirror feature to create the remaining geo-
In addition, there are some pattern commands to replicate a feature throughout a part
quickly. They save you time from creating additional features individually and help you
modify the design easily. If the design changes, you only need to change the first feature and
the rest of the pattern features will update, automatically. In this chapter, you will learn to
create mirrored and pattern geometries using the commands available in NX.
The topics covered in this chapter are:
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