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the radius, all the selected edges will be updated. This is because they are all part of one
instance. If you want the edges to have different radii, you must create rounds in separ-
ate instances. Select the required number of edges and OK to finish this feature. The Edge
Blend feature will be listed in the Part Navigator.
Variable Radius Blend
NX allows you to create a blend with a varying radius along the selected edge. Activate the
Edge Blend command and click on the edge to blend. On the Edge Blend dialog, expand
the Variable Radius Points section and click Specify New Location . Define variable radi-
us points on the selected edge. Drag the arrows to change the radius value at each location.
Corner Setback
If you create an edge blend on three edges that come together at a corner, you have the
option to control how these three blends are blend together. Activate the Edge Blend com-
mand and select the three edges that meet together at a corner. On the Edge Blend dialog,
expand the Corner Setback section and click Select End Point . Now, click on the vertex
where the three blends meet. You will notice that three arrows appear at the corner. Drag
these arrows to change the setback distances dynamically (or) type-in values in the indi-
vidual setback boxes.
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