Graphics Reference
In-Depth Information
To create a detailed thread, set the Thread Type to Detailed and click on the cylindrical
face. On the Thread dialog, define the thread parameters and rotation. Click Select Start
and click on an end face to define the start point of the thread. Click OK to complete the
thread feature.
Edge Blend
This command breaks the sharp edges of a model and blends them. It does not need a sketch
to create a blend. All you need to have is model edges. Activate this command (click Home
> Feature > Edge Blend on the ribbon) and select edges. As you start selecting edges,
you will see a preview of the geometry. You can select the edges, which are located at the
back of the model without rotating it. To do this, activate the Allow Selection of Hidden
Wireframe button on the Top Border Bar. By mistake, if you have selected a wrong edge
you can deselect it by holding the Shift key and selecting the edge again. You can change
the radius by typing a value in the Radius box displayed on selected edge. As you change
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