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Placed Features
So for, all of the features that were covered in previous chapter were based on two-dimen-
sional sketches. However, there are certain features in NX that do not require a sketch at all.
Features that do not require a sketch are called placed features. You can simply place them
on your models. However, to do so, you must have some existing geometry. Unlike a sketch-
based feature, you cannot use a placed feature for a first feature a model. For example, to
create a Blend feature, you must have an already existing edge. In this chapter, you will learn
how to add placed features to your design.
The topics covered in this chapter are:
As you know, it is possible to use the Extrude command to create cuts and remove material.
But, if you want to drill holes that are of standard sizes, the Hole command is a better way
to do this. The reason for this is it has many hole types already predefined for you. All you
have to do is choose the correct hole type and size. The other benefit is when you are going
to create a 2D drawing, NX can automatically place the correct hole annotation. Activate
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