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or wherever, there was once a video of Ray singing. We like to think the nice Japanese
couple had various friends round to see the videos they took while in Scotland, and so
watched this. Ray sang the following, or something very like it, to the tune of Oh Flower
of Scotland : 'Ocha-lomine loashin, soagoo-phuid eadeskin, sheakital oot'an arhubitallin
Calamine Lotion. I'm saying no more. Work it out.
Anyway, so; maybe no way out by rail today, no way out by road for hours (we couldn't
hire a car - I'd not thought to bring my driving licence), and nowhere to stay. Yikes!
Maybe we could get on the next ferry out and hire a cabin on a long round trip to Barra
or somewhere. Maybe I should investigate the taxi fare to Fife. Maybe Ann could call her
Islay Air pal Lorna and ask for the name of a good helicopter pilot …
The train driver gets through. He arrives at the station to considerable - and non-ironic
- applause, which you can't imagine happens all that often. It's another hot journey, even
as the sun sets. We arrive home just before midnight, still a bit frazzled and sweaty.
From our house, a reasonable time to Oban by car is not much over two hours. By
train it's nearly six. Unless you miss or haven't booked on one train and have to get the
next in which case it becomes eleven.
If it could have, I'm sure that the M5, tucked up in its garage all this time, would have
shaken its suspension and rolled its headlights.
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