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Book of Records with offing just under 29,000 mice. Actually with offing 28,899 mice,
which is a very suspiciously precise number.
Roughly on a par with that warheads-ready-in-45-minutes piece of shite, come to
think of it.
Well worth seeing, Glenturret, and well worth drinking, too. I go for the standard
12-year-old, which is all fruit and nut, like an extremely alcoholic chocolate bar. There's
dryness too, especially in the finish, with lolloping hints of grass and flowers. So; a
chocolate bar sampled in a sunny meadow. Like an ad-exec's dream from the seventies,
It's a whisky that would probably particularly benefit from a vertical tasting, where
the same drink is sampled at various ages. Reading what people have written about some
of its older expressions it sounds like Glenturret changes more than most as it matures,
and keeps on developing and getting better. Would that we could all perform the same
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