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blends. The Edrington Group is in turn largely owned and run by the Robertson Trust, a
charitable body since 1961 which was set up by three sisters called Robertson who had in-
herited significant parts of the Scotch industry. The Trust gives about five million pounds
a year to good causes, mostly in Scotland, so drinking any of these drams is practically a
charitable act in itself. Good grief, how virtuous do you want to feel?
Stop Press Handy Anti-Midge Tip .
During our visit to Macallan, Gary and Margaret, our hosts in the Visitor Centre there,
recommended Avon Skin-So-Soft as being an unintentionally effective anti-midge treat-
ment. As you'd imagine that making your skin softer would serve only to help the midge
introduce its proboscis into your epidermis, it must be something about the smell.
Later in Glenfinnan, we're assured it has to be the Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil.
Later still we're told the spray works just as well.
Just thought you ought to know.
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