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'I forget.'
'You forget ?'
'Yeah, I forget.'
'Well try to remember.'
'Remember what?'
'Don't try to be funny.'
The tragic thing is, at one point later on in the wee small hours Dave and I do remember
what Jim was saying (despite the fact that what he meant to say actually sounded nothing
like awemsys), and get that Ah-hah moment, and agree we've cracked it. That was what
awemsys was supposed to mean; of course!
… Except by the next morning we've forgotten it again.
Head crash: talking on empty .
(The following was discovered on my laptop's hard disk. I'm fairly certain this is what
was said but I wouldn't be so confident about ascribing identities. Anyway, I think it sort
of mumbles for itself.)
Robin Genius is a genius.
Robin Genius is a genius.
Robin Genius is a genius?
Yes. Robin Genius is a genius! Why? What's the problem?
Robin Genius is a genius?
You meant Robin Williams, didn't you?
Don't be too sure. He might mean Robbie Williams.
Now you're being even more ridiculous than him.
How am I being ridiculous?
You meant Robin Williams, didn't you? That he's a genius.
That's what I said. Robin Genius is a genius.
He said it again.
You said it again.
Robin Williams is a genius?
What do you mean, No?
What do you mean, Yes ?
I meant, no, that's not what he said. That was what he thought he'd said, but it wasn't what he actually
said. Not the first couple of times. That's what I meant. What did you mean?
I meant, yes, he finally got it right.
What the fuck are you two gibbering about?
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