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Car rentals are a popular, albeit expensive option to explore Cuba. State-run car
rental outlets are located all over the island and are particularly concentrated in
large cities and in tourist hot spots. Both tourists and locals can rent vehicles.
Rental rates for small cars start at about 45 CUC per day with an additional 15
CUC for insurance, which is mandatory. There is usually an additional charge of
about 30 CUC for a full tank of gasoline. If you later return the vehicle with a full
tank, this amount will be deducted from your total bill. Small cars are usually inex-
pensive, Chinese sedans and compacts. They are adequate, but offer very few
frills. Larger cars and luxury vehicles are also available, but daily rental rates are
much higher.
When renting a car in Cuba it is important to watch for scams. Make sure that you
receive an official, computer printed receipt for all the services you are paying for. If
possible, try to pay for the transaction with your credit card. All credit card transac-
tions are processed through corporate channels, so fraudulent transactions are un-
common. The vast majority of scams are perpetuated when clients pay for rental
services in cash. Furthermore, always inspect the vehicle before taking possession
and, if possible, snap a few photos of the outside, especially if there are scratches
or damaged areas on the vehicle. Always return the vehicle with a full tank of gas.
VERY IMPORTANT: It cannot be stressed enough - Be extremely careful when
driving in Cuba! If you get into an accident in Cuba, even a minor one, you will be
forced to remain on the island until an accident investigation is completed. This
can sometimes take months. This is one of the main reasons foreigners are dis-
couraged from renting vehicles in Cuba. There are dozens of stories of tourists
who rented cars, had minor accidents and were then forced to stay in Cuba while a
police or court-ordered investigation was conducted. This process is part of Cuban
law and it cannot be modified or changed, even with the intervention of foreign em-
Furthermore, it should be noted that if you are involved in a serious traffic accident
in Cuba, which results in bodily injury or death, there is a good chance that you will
face some jail time. The concept of a “no fault” vehicle crash is not practiced in
Cuba, and the excuse of a collision being “accidental” will not be accepted. Drive
at your own risk.
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