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Internet In Cuba
The internet in Cuba is highly regulated. Most households which have computers
can access a Cuban intranet , which allows them to send emails and short commu-
nications throughout Cuba and to foreign countries. For the great majority of
Cubans, use of the world wide internet is not possible from a home setting. It can
only be accessed from expensive internet cafes or certain workplace settings.
Foreigners can use the internet in internet cafes and hotel computer rooms. WIFI
is becoming a popular option in higher end hotels. At all of these locations, you
must always pay to use the internet. Cafes and hotels generally charge about 5 to
10 CUC per hour of usage. WIFI access sometimes costs slightly less, but you
must bring your own computer device. It is perfectly safe and legal to bring laptops
and other computer devices into Cuba. It is not permitted to bring WIFI routers or
other telecommunications broadcasting equipment.
A list of internet access points as well as prices can be found in the Havana sec-
tion below under the title “ Internet Access Points in Havana .”
Interesting Fact: Foreign expats living in Cuba are allowed to use the internet from
their home. They pay a monthly fee of about 50 CUC for this option. They are not
permitted to transmit the signal via WIFI. Sharing this internet line with Cuban cit-
izens is not permitted, but this rule is often broken without consequence.
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