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usually much lower than at state department stores and can be in either CUC or
Moneda Nacional.
In less touristy areas, especially in poorer neighborhoods, it is common to find
large indoor or outdoor flea markets and bazaars. These locations are extremely
popular with locals as the prices for goods are often very low and the product se-
lection is varied. Foreigners are welcome to shop at these locations as well. The
most common items are clothes and shoes. These are usually made by local
seamstresses and shoemakers ( zapateros ) or manufactured in larger Cuban
Discount locations like these can be difficult to find as they are often not indicated
on tourist maps. In the Shopping section of this guide, I include a list of bazaars
and flea markets. Even if you are not looking to buy anything, they represent a
great way to experience daily life and perhaps meet some interesting locals.
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