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per cup, but is of a far lower quality than the national beer brands listed above.
The alcohol content is low and the beer is usually rather flat.
In rural areas and lower income sectors of major cities, cheaper brands of bottled
beer can be purchased for about 10 pesos (MN) per bottle. These beers are
bottled by small, provincial brewers. They have a lower alcohol content and are
usually a bit less carbonated than the “National Brands” listed above. These
beers are never sold in supermarkets, only in cafeterias or restaurants, as the
bottles are collected and returned to the manufacturers for recycling. If you are
going to take the bottle out of the establishment for consumption, then you must
pay an additional 3 peso (MN) charge per bottle. You are effectively paying extra
to purchase the glass bottle. You do not get this money back if you later return the
bottle. Popular brands include Bruja and Tinima .
Interesting Fact: In 1982 a can of beer cost 0.60 pesos (MN). That same can of
beer now costs 18 pesos (MN).
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