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scattered throughout all towns and cities. It normally sells for only 1 peso (MN)
per cup.
In many ways, the guarapo frio stands also act like meeting points for friends and
locals. It is very common to see small crowds of people gathered at these loca-
tions, chatting about current events as they sip their cool drinks. Most Cubans
also consider guarapo juice to have many medicinal properties, such as stimulat-
ing the immune system and improving virility. Don't let the greenish color put you
off. It looks healthy and it tastes delicious. No trip to Cuba would be complete
without a generous serving of guarapo .
Batidos are freshly made milkshakes or fruit shakes, mixed with ice and some-
times sugar. They usually cost a bit more than simple fruit juice, but, on hot days,
they provide an unmatched degree of refreshment. Popular flavors are mamey
and guayaba . Some ice cream shops will also make them with fresh cream or ice
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