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State-Run Cafeterias and Fast Food Locations
Due to deregulation in the restaurant industry, the prevalence of state-run cafeter-
ias has diminished. Many can still be found around locations where there is a
large population of government workers, such as near popular transit lines, hos-
pitals and universities. These locations offer a similar mix of foods as most private
chiringo locations, such as sandwiches, fried meats, eggs, hamburgers and hot-
dogs, but at an even lower cost. Hamburgers and most sandwiches are priced at
about 5 to 10 pesos (MN). Egg sandwiches usually cost no more than 3 pesos
(MN). These locations also sell a wide variety of alcohols, juices, tobacco
products, candies and condoms.
There are also a fair number of state-run, fast food chains. Most of these loca-
tions offer typical, American-style fast food items. Prices are generally low and
service is rapid. The main appeal of these fast food restaurants is that they are
usually open 24 hours per day. They have names such as El Rapido (selling ham-
burgers and French fries), La Casa del Perro Caliente (jumbo hot dogs) or Dino's
Pizza (pizza).
Interesting Fact: Regardless of the type of restaurant, tipping is never obligatory
or expected. This goes for any service in Cuba, whether it be for housekeeping at
a hotel or a ride in a taxi. That being said, it is still common for foreigners to leave
small tips when they receive good service. Leaving a 5% gratuity on a 10 CUC
meal bill would be considered average. Handing the hotel bellhop a quarter for
delivering your suitcase to your room is always well received.
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