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Throughout Cuba there is a highly developed private house and room rental net-
work. These accommodations are called Casas Particulares (private homes).
They offer some of the highest quality and lowest priced accommodations on the
island. Moreover, since you will be staying inside an independently-owned dwell-
ing with a Cuban landlord, you will have an opportunity to learn about the culture
up close, from the vantage point of a regular citizen.
Casas particulares can be found throughout Cuba. Most are priced at about 15
CUC to 30 CUC per room, per night, although prices can go much higher for more
luxurious accommodations. It is important to note that the casas are always ren-
ted on a per room basis, not on a per person basis. This means that, regardless if
you are traveling solo or as a couple, you will always pay the same nightly rate.
Casas particulares are safe, cheap, and convenient. Their use and prevalence
has increased dramatically in recent years. In most large Cuban cities, they have
become the accommodation of choice for tourists.
All casas particulares must be licensed and undergo regular inspections by
Cuban authorities to ensure that they meet the standards set by government reg-
ulations. In order for a Cuban to legally rent their house or a room in their house,
they must pay a monthly tax to the state. Furthermore, the state has a list of basic
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