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Most tourist guides dismiss the importance of the Moneda Nacional currency and
recommend that foreigners simply stick to using the CUC currency. If you are stay-
ing at an all inclusive resort or plan to spend all of your time in touristy areas, then
this is fine. If, on the other hand, you are planning to explore the island or visit non-
touristy areas, it will be much more economical to use the Moneda Nacional cur-
rency for most of your expenditures.
The CUC currency is used in tourist resorts, high end hotels, fancy restaurants and
to rent apartments. Furthermore, it is used in large state-run supermarkets and
stores and to take certain types of taxis. While in some situations, you must pay for
your goods and services in CUC, there are many other instances where you can
shop at locations which sell identical products, at a far lower price, in MN currency.
This guide will tell you about many of these locations.
Note: Sometimes you will hear the word peso used. Locals use the term to refer to
both CUC and MN. Any currency amount of 1 can be called a peso. If the currency
is not specified, it is best to make certain before buying something. Just ask the
vendor if he means 1 peso MN, or 1 peso CUC.
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