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Living situations in Cuba are different from those in most other countries. It is very
common for several families to share a home or apartment, and dwellings are usu-
ally passed down from one generation to another. Privacy is highly prized, but very
rare. It is common for adult children to sleep in the same room as parents, with
nothing more than a curtain separating the beds. It is generally accepted that there
is a large housing shortage in Cuba, especially in major cities like Havana.
It is also very common to see houses which are only half built or others which
seem to be under construction for years. These house skeletons are sometimes
boarded up with wood or plastic tarps and used as-is on a semi-temporary basis.
Economic conditions are stressed, and despite labor being relatively cheap, it can
still be very difficult for the average Cuban to put together enough money to start a
construction project, and to actually finance it to completion.
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