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a language barrier. As such, language difficulties should never be a very large
concern on the island or keep you from experiencing everything it has to offer.
Some Common Cuban Slang
Almendron: old American car
Baro: money
Bici: bicycle
Bici-taxi: bicycle taxi
Bodega: state owned grocery store
Blumer: women's underpants
Bisnero: business man
Campesino: farmer
Camello: city bus
Carro: car
Carnet: Cuban identity card
Chancletas: flip-flops
Chao: goodbye
Chica: girl
Chopin: shopping
Cola: lineup or queue
Cuarto: a room in a hotel or house
Espejuelos: glasses
Fosforera: lighter
Frigi: refrigerator
Guayabera: official Cuban formal shirt
Jeva: woman
Jinetera: escort girl
Jinetero: male broker or vendor (gray market)
Máquina: old American car
Pinchar: to work
Pullover: T-shirt
Tenis: sneakers, sports shoes
Yuma: Foreigner
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