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Private Rooms
The following accommodations are for private rooms within a shared, enclosed
house. The guests have the use of some common areas, such as the living room,
balcony/terrace and kitchen facilities, and have exclusive private use of their own
room, which has a lock on the door. In many cases, the guest will also be given a
key to the main entrance of the house so he or she can enter and exit at will,
without having to disturb the house owner. Some houses rent a single room, while
others rent two or more. These can be rented out all together, for people traveling
in groups, or separately, for single travelers and couples. All rooms, by Cuban law,
must have a window and air conditioner or fan. Most rooms also have a private
fridge, an en-suite bathroom and offer either a private or shared telephone line. In
all cases, Cuban guests are permitted to enter, free of charge. Sometimes they are
asked to sign a guestbook to ensure the safety of both the landlord and the tenant.
Specific details for each casa are provided below.
1) Casa Tomasa: Calle C #558 Altos, entre 23 y 25. Tel (537)833 1266
Single room for rent with fridge and air conditioner. Very modern and spacious
room (200 sq.ft) located inside a restored mansion, offering a host of modern
amenities. The en-suite bathroom is immense, spanning almost 100 sq.ft with
white marble and tile work. The house has a huge, sun-filled terrace in front, loc-
ated just in front of a large park and only 50 feet away from La Rampa. Landlord
asks 30 CUC per night.
2) Casa Pastorita: Calle B #607 Altos, entre 25 y 27. Tel (537)830 9394
Pastorita is a charming, older woman who lives with her nephew in this very large
and sunny second floor apartment. She rents a single room which is spacious and
has its own private bathroom adjacent to the room. The selling point of this apart-
ment is the huge, sunlit balcony. Furthermore, there is an immense terrace on the
roof spanning over 1500 sq.ft which is reserved for guest use. Sit back and enjoy
some beers and cigars as you overlook Vedado. Friends and guests are very wel-
come. Pastorita offers you the keys to the apartment and you can come and go as
you wish throughout the day and night. You can also use the kitchen. For all intents
and purposes, you will experience complete independence in this room. Landlord
asks 20 CUC per night, or 25 CUC with a large breakfast included.
3) Casa Carlos and Julio: Calle E #609 Altos, entre 25 y 27. Tel (537)832 7203
Three large rooms available. In addition to their private quarters, guests have ac-
cess to a front room, filled with plants and artwork, and a well-equipped kitchen.
This apartment is located on the second floor of a mansion and the owners live on
the third floor. The owners are always available to offer advice or tips on exploring
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