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Local Clinics and Home Offices
Wherever you are in Cuba, a doctor will never be far away. In a large city, like
Havana, you can find a neighborhood clinic or home-based family doctor's office
every few city blocks. Most home offices are indicated with small signs near the
front door of the house. These locations are best for treating minor ailments such
as coughs, fevers, cuts and scrapes. If you cannot find a local clinic ( Policlínico ) in
your area, just ask any local where the nearest family doctor lives ( casa del
medico ). At locations like these, foreigners can expect to get fast service and only
pay a few CUC.
Cuban Hospitals
In Havana, the largest concentration of hospitals are located in the Vedado neigh-
borhood, close to the University of Havana. The main medical hub is situated on
Calle 29, between E and G. The street is lined with large, specialized hospitals ca-
tering to all age groups and ailments. The following is a list of several hospitals in
that area, which will also take foreign patients, usually at a nominal cost.
Fructuoso Rodriguez Hospital (Corner 29 and G - Entrance on F)
This is a large orthopedic hospital, treating all age groups. Many doctors in this fa-
cility have special training to treat infants and young children. The hospital looks
dated, but most of the facilities are modern.
Vedado Children's Clinic (27 at the corner of F)
A large, modern facility. It is often crowded with local Cubans and it can be difficult
to get rapid service.
Calixto Garcia Hospital (27 de Noviembre, near the corner of J)
This is the largest general hospital in Havana, with a campus occupying the equi-
valent area of 5 city blocks. The facilities and most of the quarters are modern. The
service is generally highly rated.
Hospital for Foreigners
Clínica Central Cira García (Calle 20 at the corner of Ave. 41, Playa)
This hospital is located in the Playa neighborhood of Havana, close to many large
hotels and foreign embassies. The service is almost exclusively catered towards
foreigners. The facility is very modern and rarely crowded. The prices for medical
procedures are high, as compared to other hospitals in the city, but if you have
comprehensive medical insurance, then this is definitely the place to come for the
best service and treatment.
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