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trance is usually 10 CUC for foreigners, but if you arrive past midnight on a slow
night, you can usually just walk inside without paying anything.
El Turquino (Corner of 23 and L, on the 25th floor of the Habana Libre Hotel)
This disco has wrap-around windows offering a gorgeous panoramic view of
Havana. On certain occasions the roof is also uncovered to offer a view of the
night sky. Live salsa music is played on most Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday nights. Given that the entrance cost is a bit higher than average, ranging
from 10 to 20 CUC depending on the night and the musical performance, it tends
to draw more foreigners than locals.
Club Rio ( El Johnny ) (Corner Calle A and 3ra, Miramar)
This venue tends to play international and modern Cuban dance music. The clien-
tele is mostly young, college-age locals, with more foreigners showing up on
Saturday nights. Entrance costs 5 CUC for foreigners and 50 pesos (MN) for loc-
La Cecilia (5ta Avenida y 110, Miramar)
This is currently the most popular disco in Havana. It is also one of the city's
largest outdoor music venues where some of the most popular bands in Cuba
regularly perform. For large events, the club will attract thousands of locals. Even
if a popular band is not playing, this is the premier nighttime spot for dancing and
having fun. On these slow nights, you can expect many more foreigners. En-
trance usually costs 5 to 10 CUC. It's open Friday thru Sunday, 10pm to 3am.
Since this is an outdoor venue, it is closed on rainy nights.
Diablo Tun Tun (Calle 20, corner 35, Miramar)
This is a very popular club for local Cubans, especially on Thursday, when matin-
ee shows run from 5pm to 9pm (entrance price 2 CUC). On other evenings, par-
ticularly for the nighttime shows starting at 11pm (entrance price 5 to 10 CUC),
more foreigners tend to appear. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best and least
touristy clubs in the city, playing all genres of music and frequented by some of
the most popular musicians in Cuba.
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