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No Havana guide would be complete without mentioning the discos and dance
clubs in the city. At most of these locations you will be able to drink and practice
your dance moves with locals and foreigners alike, without having to spend a lot of
money. But it's very important to note that the atmosphere in some of the clubs is
not for everybody. At some locations, particularly the ones most popular with for-
eigners, there is a high concentration of jineteras and jineteros . It's a part of life in
the city that most people have come to accept. Furthermore, it's important to un-
derstand that your experiences at these locations will be highly dependant on how
careful and responsible you are. Although Havana is a safe city, you will be an
easy target for scam artists if you are drunk and/or flamboyantly foreign. Always
exercise moderation and never run bar tabs. Most discos and bars open at about
10pm and close at around 3 or 4am.
Below, I list some of the best known clubs and give you a synopsis of what to ex-
Casa de la Musica Habana (Ave. de Italia, near the corner of Neptuno - Central
This is a salsa dance club with a stage for shows and special performances. On
most nights, especially Thursdays and Fridays, the majority of patrons are local
Cubans looking to dance and meet people. If your goal is just to dance and have
fun, this is the time to visit. On Wednesday nights, after 11pm, this location devi-
ates from its usual theme and caters to the tourist crowd. Modern American pop
music is played and the clientele is composed mainly of foreigners and jineteras . If
your goal is to dance salsa in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, don't go on Wed-
nesday nights. Entrance cost varies by night, but is usually about 2 to 5 CUC.
Locals pay 50 pesos (MN). On most evenings, there is a matinee dance show
which runs from 5pm to 9pm. This is particularly popular with locals.
Casa de la Musica Miramar (Ave. 20 at the corner of 35, Miramar)
This club is very similar to the Havana location with the exception that it is slightly
more modern and upscale. While still popular with locals, its proximity to many em-
bassies and hotels makes it a popular destination for foreigners. Naturally, this will
attract jineteras. Despite that, if you go on a weeknight, the crowd will be decidedly
more Cuban with a lot more dancing. Entrance is usually about 5 CUC, but is
cheaper for the Matinee shows which take place from 5pm to 9pm.
Salon Rojo (21, between N and O, Vedado)
This disco caters mostly to the foreign crown. The busiest nights are Thursdays
and Fridays. Music is mostly American pop and there is very little dancing. En-
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