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have to pay to use the particular rides (prices range from 2 to 6 pesos (MN)). The
majority of visitors are local Cubans. Hours of operation are noon to 8pm, Friday
to Sunday.
Cuban National Circus
An even better attraction is the Cuban National Circus. It regularly visits the city
and installs its giant, colorful tent on the Isla de Coco amusement park's grounds.
Shows are held throughout the year and you can check the schedule at the fol-
lowing link:
The Aquarium
The Acuario Nacional is located at the corner of Ave. 3ra and Calle 62 in the
Miramar. It's a large aquarium complex, bordering the ocean, where you can see
all forms of marine life. The main attraction is the lively dolphin show which offers
visitors the opportunity to interact with and touch the dolphins after the perform-
ance. Although the park facilities are a bit neglected, the experience, especially
for children, is fantastic. Admission prices for foreigners are rather expensive, at
10 CUC per adult and 7 CUC per child (over 2 years old). The price for locals is
just 10 pesos (MN). Definitely try your best to finagle a Cuban entrance ticket.
The Local Zoos
Of all the mainstream, family-oriented entertainment options in the city, visiting the
zoo is probably the most popular for Havana locals. So popular, in fact, that there
are actually two zoos in Havana. The Jardin Zoologico de la Habana is located in
the Nuevo Vedado district, at the corner of Ave. 26 and Ave. Zoologico. While
some areas of this zoo look aged, overall this facility is surprisingly modern and
well maintained. There is a wide selection of exotic animals, such as zebras,
lions, crocodiles, and monkeys. Most of the animals are housed in large cages or
pens. The admission price is only 2 pesos (MN) for locals and 2 CUC for foreign-
For a more natural wildlife experience, there is the Parque Zoológico Nacional ,
located in the southern suburb of Boyeros (near the Jose Marti Airport). In this
sprawling park you will find hundreds of different animals, and most of them will
be roaming free. The nature reserve is huge, covering over 500 hectares, but
there is a free trolley bus that operates all day, offering a tour of the grounds. The
price of admission is only 3 CUC and the address is Carretera de Capdevila, km
31/2, Boyeros. Hours of operation are 9am-3:30pm Wed-Sun
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