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thousands of elaborately sculpted memorials. It is considered to be one of the
greatest historical cemeteries in the world. Entrance for locals is free, but for for-
eigners there is a 5 CUC admittance charge. However, there is rarely a guard at
the main doors so you can usually enter for free. Just walk right in.
Hotel Pools
For a small fee, most hotels in Havana will allow foreigners and locals to use their
pool facilities. The prices for admittance change frequently so it is best to confirm
before planning your day. Fees range from as low as 5 CUC at hotels located in
the suburbs, like the Hotel Neptuno-Triton (3ra and 74 in Miramar), to up to 25
CUC at fancier hotels such as the Hotel Nacional (Corner 21 and O). It's import-
ant to note that at most hotels you usually also receive a food and drink voucher,
valued at about half of the pool admittance price. This entitles you to a few free
drinks and appetizers.
El Morro ( Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro)
As you explore Havana you will no doubt notice the magnificent castle, located
just on the other side of the Bay of Havana. This massive, 16th century fortress is
one of the oldest structures in the city and is fascinating to tourists and locals
alike. You can explore the old castle as well as see the outdoor exhibits and the
museum. The price of admittance for foreigners is 6 CUC.
Despite looking like a huge tourist attraction, coming to this fortress, especially in
the evenings, is a very popular activity for locals. Every night, starting at about
8pm, there is a medieval re-enactment of the closing of the city gates and harbor,
along with the firing of a cannon at exactly 9PM. On most nights, the sound of the
cannon firing can be heard throughout Havana. The price for foreigners to visit
the nighttime show is 6 CUC for basic admission and 8 CUC if you want a bal-
cony seat.
The fort is easily accessible by taxi but you can also get there cheaply by taking
either the P5 or P11 buses which will pick you up in front of the Capitolio, on the
east side of Prado street. These buses run frequently and only cost half a peso
(MN) to use. Get off at the first stop, on the other side of the harbor and then walk
up the hill, to the fort. Another option is to take the ferry from Old Havana to the
Casablanca terminal, and then just walk north, up the hill beside the station.
Watch a Movie
There are a lot of movie theaters in Havana and watching movies is a very popu-
lar pastime. While these cinemas will show international and American films,
there is also a well developed Cuban film industry, and homegrown movies are
extremely popular. Typically, the admission to see a film is between 1 and 2 pesos
(MN). Foreigners are sometimes charged in CUC. Some of the most popular
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