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Since Guanabo is the most popular beach in Playas del Este , there will always be
many taxis particulares to take you back to Havana. After your day of swimming
and sunbathing, just go back to the main street (Ave. 5ta), where you were initially
dropped off, and hail a taxi particular traveling west (driving on beach-side lane).
Tell the driver you are heading to La Habana . Most of the taxis driving west will be
going to Havana, so it will be very easy to find a ride. The trip costs 50 pesos
Important Note: If you are leaving the beach late at night (after 10pm) it can be
more difficult to find a taxi particular going to Havana. In peak beach season, it's
usually not a problem, but in the low season, it can sometimes take a few tries be-
fore you snag a ride. In the worst case scenario, you might have to pay the driver
a bit extra (a few CUC) to sway his decision in your favor.
Other Options to Get to the Beach
There are several other ways to get to Guanabo and the Playas del Este
beaches. Honestly, I don't recommend any of them. A state-run taxi will be an ex-
pensive option, costing you a minimum of 20 CUC to get you to the beach, plus
another 20 CUC for the return trip. There is a city bus (#400) that can take you
from Havana to Guanabo for only one peso, but it passes only once per hour, and
it can be extremely overcrowded, with massive lineups to board. Finally, there are
large, private buses which charge only 5 to 10 pesos (MN) to reach Guanabo.
Most of these buses only operate in the peak season and are often ridiculously
overcrowded. Moreover, you must ride the bus all the way to Guanabo, without
any option of stopping at another beach along the way.
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