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The average Cuban, whether young or old, is remarkably similar to the average
person anywhere else in the world. Young people spend their days in school, and
afterward enjoy going to the movies, playing sports or working part time jobs.
Adults spend their days working and then return home to cook and tend to domest-
ic affairs. Evenings are spent watching television and socializing with friends and
family. Weekends are used to relax and to work on personal projects. For people
living in a large city, such as Havana, life will sometimes be more hectic and per-
haps exciting. For Cubans living in more rural areas, farming is still a main priority.
While sometimes portrayed as a strict authoritarian society, the truth is that most
laws and regulations in Cuba are remarkably similar to the rules in any western
country. As a general rule, it is fair to assume that, if something is permitted in your
home country, then it will most likely also be permissible in Cuba. The inverse is
also generally true for illegal activities. Details will be provided later in this guide.
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