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overlooks the western part of the city and offers gorgeous sunset views. Prices
are in CUC and most main dishes are priced in the 5 to 6 CUC range. These do
not include dessert or drinks. This restaurant usually has oferta specials which
cost 7 CUC. These will include generous main dishes of shrimp or pork fillets, as
well as sides of tamales, rice, beans and vianda . Dessert and a mojito or juice are
also included. The ambiance in this restaurant, and especially on the terrace, is
very relaxing, and it is a great place to have a fancy meal at an independent loca-
tion, without breaking the bank.
Pizzas Pachy (17, between 10 and 12)
This used to be a simple street-side food stand selling pizzas and spaghetti. Over
the years it has leveraged its reputation for great food into a full-scale restaurant.
The street-side stand still operates, pumping out delicious and cheap pizzas (10
pesos each) to the masses, but for those desiring a more formal, air conditioned
setting, the restaurant at the end of the driveway is there to meet your needs. The
restaurant is small, but the portions are large and the food is tasty. Food is priced
in Moneda Nacional, while drinks are priced in CUC. Pizzas, spaghetti and
lasagna are priced at about 50 to 60 pesos and are served with Pachy's signature
spicy, oily tomato sauce. Drinks cost 1 to 2 CUC each. Pachy's is very popular
with the local crowd and considered by some to have one of the best pizzas in
Havana. Orders at the street side stand are much cheaper and, while portions are
smaller, the food is equally delicious.
La Pica de 23 (Corner 23 and F)
This small paladar offers cheap, authentic Cuban cuisine in a lively outdoor atmo-
sphere. It's an open air restaurant located just beside a delightful park, at the
corner of 23 and F. Signs at the entrance prominently display the menu as well as
the specials of the day. Prices are indicated in Moneda Nacional but can also be
paid in CUC. Most oferta meals cost between 50 and 75 pesos (MN). In the late
evening the restaurant takes on more of an outdoor bar feel, and many of the
diners linger late into the night, sipping beers and mixed drinks. The establish-
ment is family-run and the service is impeccable. The atmosphere is relaxed and
welcoming. The owner is always present to make sure that everything is to your
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