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tends to be a bit slow. For a cheap and simple meal, this is definitely the place to
Cinecittà (23 at the corner of 12th)
Named after the famous Roman film studio, the theme of this state-run restaurant
is the cinema. The walls are plastered with vintage movie posters and photos of
famous actors. This restaurant is located slightly further away from downtown
Vedado. Given its location, you will notice very few tourists here. The menu cen-
ters around Italian dishes and is very similar to Buena Sera, although more up-
scale. Everything is priced in Moneda Nacional. Pizza and spaghetti plates start
at 10 pesos and lasagna and cannelloni dishes are priced at 25 pesos. Beers and
soft drinks are sold at state prices. Ice cream is available as a dessert and costs
only 3 pesos per scoop. This restaurant is very popular with young people and the
lineups on weekends are notoriously long. During the week, if you arrive before
8pm, there should be no lineup at all. The service at this restaurant is surprisingly
fast and the servers are very courteous.
Cafe TV (Calle N, between 17 and 19 - Focsa Building Ground level)
This state-run restaurant is tucked away on the ground floor of the Focsa building.
Surprisingly, while most Havana natives have heard about this place, very few ac-
tually go to it. Even on a weekend night, this restaurant will be almost empty.
There really is no good reason for it. The service is rapid and courteous. The at-
mosphere, with its television studio theme, is clean and modern. The food is of
high quality and surprisingly cheap. All the ofertas are priced under 5CUC and in-
clude side dishes and a beer. Portions are very large. It's very likely that once
more people discover this location, its popularity will surge. All menu items are
priced in CUC. On weekends there is often live entertainment.
Union Francesa de Cuba (Calle 17 at the corner of 6)
This is an upscale, state-run restaurant with a French theme. The dishes are
mostly Cuban, but they are prepared and presented with a French flair. It's a deli-
cious combination, and the selection of foods is almost unheard of for a restaur-
ant in Cuba. From pork chops covered in thick French sauces, to filet mignon,
grilled fish, and fried shrimp platters, this restaurant will definitely impress. Prices
are all in CUC, and although they might be slightly higher than average, they are
still reasonable for the portions you receive. Expect to pay about 6 to 10 CUC per
person for a whole meal, including an alcoholic beverage. Dessert is also in-
cluded and usually consists of a delicious, chocolate ice cream blended with
coconut flakes, served in a frozen coconut shell. In keeping with the French
theme, an automatic 10% gratuity is added to the bill. This is rare in Havana, but
is standard practice in France. The service at this restaurant is extremely cour-
teous and far above average. Furthermore, the restaurant is located inside a
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