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Markets and Venta Libre Stores
By far, the most common place you will go to shop for your daily consumables will
be the markets (agropecuarios) and the state-run v enta libre stores.
Centro Habana : Markets and venta libre stands are very easy to find. Given the
high population density, it is common to find a small market or well stocked fruit
stand every few street corners.
Vedado: Small markets, located at street corners, are very common. Moreover,
there are some large agropecuario markets which have dozens of stands and
sellers, carrying a more varied assortment of fruits, vegetables and meats at
lower prices. I have listed a few of these prime locations below.
Smaller Markets:
Corner 27 and E: Small market with 3 or 4 sellers. Prices are reasonable but se-
lection is low. Across the street, between D and E, there is a small but well
stocked venta libre stand selling bulk spaghetti, meat, packaged hot dogs, flour
and sugar. Prices are low, ranging from 10 to 30 pesos (MN) per pound depend-
ing on the product. Sometimes this stand also sells cheese, which is very popular
and tends to sell out quickly.
Corner 21 and I: Small market with 3 or 4 sellers. Prices are average but selection
is low. There is a meat stand, too.
Corner 25 and I: This market only has 1 or 2 sellers during the week, but up to 7
or 8 sellers on a nice weekend. Prices are lower than average.
Corner 9 and F: This small market is located in one of the poorest sections of
Vedado. Prices are cheaper than average. There is also a fresh squeezed juice
stand selling most juices for only 2 pesos (MN) per cup.
Corner 9 and I: Another small market located in the same area as the one just
mentioned. This poor area has a high concentration of cheap markets and state-
run cafeterias serving low priced food.
Larger Markets:
Corner of 17 and K: This is one of the largest open air markets in Vedado, located
just a block away from the Focsa building. There are dozens of produce sellers
with a good selection of items. Prices are among the lowest in Vedado. In addition
to produce stands, there are a few fast food vendors and a couple of butcher
shops. At the back of the market there is a panaderia and a large venta libre de-
pot with a nice selection of goods.
Corner 19 and B: This is a large, covered market. There are dozens of produce
sellers and several butcher stands. There is also a large venta libre depot on the
ground floor. Prices at this market tend to be a bit higher than average, likely be-
cause this neighborhood is a bit more upscale. There is a very convenient
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