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Plaza Carlos Tercero: Located at the corner of Ave. Salvador Allende (Carlos
Tercero) and Arbol, this massive, spiral-shaped shopping center has hundreds of
stores and boutiques selling almost everything imaginable. From food to electron-
ics, chocolate to pottery, this is definitely a great place to spend an afternoon
browsing. Prices are in CUC, but are reasonable. Note that on the weekend this
place is packed with thousands of shoppers.
Avenida de Italia, near Neptuno: There is a dense concentration of stores in this
area with products priced both in CUC and Moneda Nacional. You will find the La
Epoca shopping center which sells jewelry, perfumes and clothing. Beside it is the
massive TRASVAL hardware store. All along Ave. de Italia, from the Malecon until
Zanja, you will find other, smaller state stores selling household goods and cloth-
ing in Moneda Nacional. The prices are usually very cheap, although the selection
is slim. There are also a few flea markets in the area selling leather goods and
shoes at very low prices.
Around the Capitol Building: Here you will find an abundance of high end
boutiques selling western branded clothes at exorbitant prices. These stores are
generally located on the ground floor of the many luxury hotels surrounding the
Capitol building. Nestled between boutiques are dozens of small, Cuban-oriented
stores selling basic household goods and clothing in Moneda Nacional. The mix
of goods sold at these locations changes on a weekly basis and there can some-
times be long lineups just to enter. There are also lots of indoor flea markets and
independent vendors selling all sorts of products. Tools, jewelry, shoes, clothing,
bike parts and piƱatas ; the selection can be overwhelming, as can the crowds of
shoppers flooding these locations.
San Lazaro and Infanta: Both of these streets have high concentrations of state
stores and independently run shops. This area is right on the border between
Vedado and Central Havana and within walking distance to the University of
Havana. There are several large supermarkets, a hardware store and a building
materials depot. Many small vendors sell inexpensive, hand-crafted items and
jewelry from their front door steps.
Reina: Hundreds of tiny shops line this street as well as a large number of inde-
pendent clothing vendors. Over the last few years, Reina has developed into a
major shopping hub; the street really gets active near the corner of Ave. de Italia.
Here you will find the massive Almacenes Ultra store. This is one of the largest
department stores in the city, spanning over 4 floors of shopping area. Just beside
it there is a well stocked hardware store and a leather goods shop. The old Sears
Roebuck store is located at the corner of Reina and Amistad, just south of the
Capitolio, overlooking the Parque Central. The first floor is now a shoe store.
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