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high salary by Cuban standards. Larger crimes or robberies are very rare in
Resort and Hotel Scams
Hotels and large resorts are generally extremely safe. Although common sense
precautions should always be taken, it is unlikely that any of your personal pos-
sessions will ever be stolen by the staff at these establishments. Hospitality jobs
are some of the most highly prized and best paying forms of employment in the
country; no worker would risk their job to steal a few dollars from a tourist.
Your biggest threat in the resort is usually from other guests. They are the most
likely to pocket unattended cameras or cell phones. Furthermore, it is common to
encounter theft problems at resorts which charge a deposit fee to use beach tow-
els. Tourists who misplace their borrowed towels often simply steal a replacement
from another guest. Inevitably, the finger of blame gets pointed at the staff. The
only way to prevent such theft is to always keep a close eye on your belongings.
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