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Havana Taxi Particular Routes
Getting Around Vedado
If you are not familiar at all with the city, this is the time to take out the map and
start following along. The main taxi routes in Vedado run along Calle 23 and Linea.
These are two of the busiest streets in Vedado and the taxis on these roads are
either going eastward in the direction of Old Havana or westward, toward the sub-
urbs of Miramar, Playa, or La Lisa.
For example: If you are at the corner of 23 and 26th street, and you want to get to
the Habana Libre hotel (23 and L), you can basically take any taxi running
eastward along 23, as it will at some point pass in front of the hotel. The inverse
would also apply. If you are in front of the Coppelia (23 and L) and want to get to
get to 23 and 26th street, simply hop into any taxi going west along 23rd street,
and it will take you there.
If you are moving along Linea Street, which runs directly parallel to 23, the idea is
exactly the same. If your final destination is on Linea, simply take the taxi running
in that direction and get off when you are near your destination.
From Vedado to Other Neighborhoods
If you want to get from Vedado to Old Havana, simply hail a taxi running eastward
on 23rd Street or Linea and ask the driver if he is going to La Habana . Simply stat-
ing La Habana , as the taxi pulls to the side, is enough to get an answer from the
driver. The taxi will either stop and wait for you to get inside, or it will drive off
without you. The La Habana stop is in front of the Capitolio building.
There are a few main streets in Vedado which run perpendicular to both 23rd and
Linea. These streets make it easy to grab a taxi going directly from Vedado to Old
Havana, or to catch taxis before they start their route going into and out of
Vedado. For example: Taxis traveling east along 23 will almost always turn up O
street on their way to Old Havana. Hailing any taxi traveling on O street (it's a one
way street) is the easiest way to get to Old Havana. The trip takes about 5
L Street is another great way to snag a taxi particular. L Street is parallel to O, but
flows in the opposite direction (one way). It is always congested with hundreds of
taxis, especially in the area right in front of the Habana Libre Hotel. The taxis on L
Street will either be turning on 23rd or Linea, as they continue along their westward
If you want to travel to the heart of Central Havana, your best bet is to hail a taxi
traveling on M Street and ask the driver if he will be going to Infanta . Infanta Street
bisects the neighborhoods of Vedado and Central Havana and runs through some
remarkably interesting areas, filled with eccentric shops and large markets. While
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