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Hundreds of people are usually lined up all around, waiting for their turn to order.
Furthermore, facing the Coppelia there is an immensely popular state-run fast
food restaurant named La Casa del Perro Caliente . This place specializes in
selling jumbo hot dogs and there is always a long lineup of locals in front.
El Edificio Focsa (The Focsa Building) - This is the tallest building in Cuba, and
one of the most famous in Havana. El Focsa , as the locals call it, is located just a
few blocks north of the Habana Libre Hotel, at the intersection of 17 and M. It's
important as a landmark, as you can see the giant, green building from most loca-
tions in the city. Furthermore, there are some very popular and well stocked
shops on the ground floor, including a modern supermarket, a hardware store and
a money exchange office (CADECA).
Avenida de Los Presidentes (Calle G) - This is a major north-south route for traffic
between the Malecon and the medical campuses located at the southern tip of
Vedado. Past this point, the street branches out and changes name, stretching
deep into Central Havana. Between Avenida De Los Presidentes ' four lanes,
there is a very wide median with hundreds of benches and ornately trimmed
trees. On most days, people come to this area to relax, read or eat lunch. At
night, this area really comes alive. It is a popular meeting spot for young people
who come to lounge on the benches and relax on the grass, under the trees. At
the corner of Calle 23 there is a convenient open air bar which serves up cheap
drinks, ensuring that the party goes on late into the night.
Avenida Paseo - This is another major north-south traffic artery located seven
blocks west of Ave. de Los Presidentes. Paseo bisects the large Vedado neigh-
borhood into two districts. The eastern half is simply named Vedado, and the
western district is referred to as Nuevo Vedado (New Vedado). At the northern tip
of Paseo, near the Malecon, you will find the Melia Cohiba and Riviera hotels as
well as a large shopping mall named Galerías de Paseo . At the southern tip of
Paseo there is the huge Jose Marti Memorial tower and the sprawling Plaza de
la Revolución square. This area is used to host massive crowds during political
rallies and celebrations. It's also a popular tourist destination and the location of
the often photographed, 5-story tall, steel outline of the war hero Che Guevara's
face, which is mounted on the wall of the Ministry of the Interior building.
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