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The Golden Gate Promenade is a 3 1 2 -mile (5.5 km) paved trail hug-
ging the San Francisco Bay. Not only is it the city's most scenic bik-
ing, jogging, and walking path, it is also surprisingly flat! The promenade
lies within the pristine Golden Gate National Recreation Area (one of the
largest urban parks in the world), which is maintained by the National
Park Service. Come at any time of the day, but note that in summer the
mornings may be foggy, while the late afternoon is usually windy. Note:
This tour can be done on foot or by bike (see p 166 for bike rental info),
and may be combined with the “Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge” tour
(p 38). @ 2 to 3 hours. START: Bus 30 to Broderick & Beach sts.
1 = Wave Organ. This is an
amazing (and musical) piece of envi-
ronmental art. Tubes emerge from
the water below through a concrete
and rock structure, capturing the
ebb and flow of the ocean currents
in strange humming sounds. Marina
Breakwater. Baker St. & Marina
Blvd. Bus: 30 to Broderick & Beach
sts. y 415/561-0360. Free.
2 Crissy Field Center. Stop
here to pick up maps and informa-
tion about Crissy Field. This commu-
nity-run facility also leads walks
through the area. @ 15 min. 603
Mason St. (at Halleck St.). y 415/
center. Wed-Sun 9am-5pm.
3 ★★★ = Crissy Field. This
100-acre (40-hectare) site contained
what was a military airstrip until 1936.
It lay abandoned until 1996, when
individuals and civic organizations
worked to put in over 100,000 native
plants and restored its natural
ecosystem. Today it contains a tidal
marsh, beaches, and marvelous wind-
ing paths. Old Mason & Baker sts.
4 = Farallones Marine Sanc-
tuary. This small house offers infor-
mation and imaginative exhibits on
the local marine wildlife. @ 15 min.
y 415/561-6625. www.farallones.
org. Wed-Sun 10am-5pm.
5 Torpedo Wharf Pier. Walk to
the end of this pier for brilliant views
of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz.
Fort Point sits under the Golden Gate
6 Warming Hut. Order organic
gourmet sandwiches and explore
the ecologically correct gift shop
while you wait. Consider eating at
the outdoor picnic tables. Daily
9am-5pm. Presidio Building 983.
y 415/561-3040. $.
7 Fort Point. Hastily completed
by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
at the onset of the Civil War, this for-
midable brick fortress at the foot of
the Golden Gate Bridge was used as
a base of operations to build the
bridge and was manned by soldiers
during World War II. @ 15 min.
Fri-Sun 10am-5pm. To continue with
the “Crossing the Golden Gate
Bridge” tour (p 38), follow the signs
to the walking and biking trails lead-
ing to the Golden Gate Bridge.
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