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The famous red-heeled legs looming over the entrance to Piedmont.
Laurie B. 387 Grove St. (at Gough St.)
y 415/863-3011. AE, MC, V. Bus: 21.
Map p 70.
Two local designers show off their
groovy, retro designs with every-
thing from sweaters and dresses to
hats and ties. 514 Octavia St. (at
Hayes St.) y 415/431-4778. www. AE, MC, V. Closed
Mon. Bus: 21. Map p 70.
This consignment shop offers excel-
lent deals on high-quality attire and
shoes for men and women. 3464
Sacramento St. & 3483 Sacramento
St. (between Laurel & Walnut sts.)
y 415/346-6388. www.goodbyessf.
com. DISC, MC, V. Bus: 1, 3, 4. Map
p 70.
Piedmont HAIGHT Absolutely
outrageous women's garments and
accessories—sold mostly to men.
If in your heart of hearts you've ever
coveted any of the gaudy get-ups
you've seen on drag queens, this is
the place to find them. . . . The giant
fishnet legs over the entrance are so
totally The Haight. 1452 Haight St.
(at Ashbury) y 415/864-8075. www. AE, MC, V.
Closed Mon. Bus: 21. Map p 70.
Wasteland HAIGHT The staff
is choosy about what they'll take in,
so clothing and accessories here are
hip and retro at the same time. 1660
Haight St. (at Belvedere St.) y 415/
863-3150. AE, MC, V. Bus: 6, 7, 66,
71. Map p 70.
Vintage Clothing
Buffalo Exchange HAIGHT This
Haight shop is crammed with old
and new attire from the 1960s,
1970s, and 1980s. It's a good place
to espy the latest street fashions.
1555 Haight St. (between Clayton &
Ashbury sts.) y 415/431-7733. MC, V.
Bus: 6, 7, 66, 71. Map p 70.
Crossroads Trading HAIGHT,
Unlike other thrift stores, Crossroads
gets some of its merchandise from
wholesalers, so you'll also find new
items in various sizes. 1519 Haight St.
(at Ashbury St.). y 415/355-0555.
Bus: 6, 7, 66, 71. 2231 Market St.
(between Noe & Sanchez sts.) y 415/
626-8989. Streetcar: F. 1901 Fillmore
St. (at Bush St.) y 415/775-8885.
Bus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 22. www.crossroads MC, V. Map p 70.
★★ Jorja COW HOLLOW For
that special event, Jorja stocks
$200 to $800 gowns and acces-
sories that look like they cost three
times the price. 2015 Chestnut St.
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