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wrote a new constitution for his
country while living in San Francisco
in 1911. East of Grant Ave. (between
Pine & California sts.).
4 Old St. Mary's Cathedral.
The first cathedral in California was
built in 1854 by Chinese laborers
using Chinese granite. The interior
was destroyed by fire following the
1906 earthquake and rebuilt 3 years
later. Today the church has an active
congregation and many outreach
programs. 660 California St. (at
Grant Ave.). y 415/228-3800. Mass
Mon-Fri 8:30am & 12:05pm, Sat
12:05pm, Sun 8:30am & 11am.
5 Waverly Place. This alley
between Sacramento and Washing-
ton streets is also known as the
“Street of Painted Balconies,” where
everything from verandas to fire
escapes are rendered in vivid
shades of red, yellow, and green.
Here you'll also find many fascinat-
ing shops, including the Clarion
Music Center (816 Sacramento St.,
at Waverly Place; y 415/391-1317),
selling musical instruments from all
over the world, and Bonsai Villa (825
Clay St., at Waverly Place; y 415/
837-1688), filled with (what else!)
miniature trees in tiny pots. Several
clinics offer traditional Chinese reme-
dies including acupuncture. East of
Grant Ave. (between Sacramento &
Washington sts.).
6 Tin How Temple. Climb three
flights of stairs to one of the oldest
Chinese temples in America. Estab-
lished in 1852, it has an elaborate
altar holding a statue of Tin How, or
Tien Hou, “Queen of the Heavens
and Goddess of the Seven Seas.”
You're likely to see people here med-
itating or praying. Admission is free,
but consider giving a donation or
buying incense. 125 Waverly Place
(between Clay & Washington sts.).
7 Golden Gate Fortune Cook-
ies Co. Grab a bag of freshly made
fortune cookies in this tiny, low-tech
factory. Enjoy them like the locals
do: unfolded and fortuneless. Take
another moment to enjoy the
murals of typical Chinatown life in
the alley. 56 Ross Alley (between
Washington & Jackson sts.). y 415/
781-3956. $.
8 Stockton Street. While Grant
Street may appeal to tourists, this is
where Chinatown locals do their
shopping. In grocery stores, pigs
hang from hooks and crates overflow
with exotic vegetables and fruits.
Live frogs, turtles, eels, and other sea
creatures are also available. Also on
Fortune cookies at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Co. are folded by hand.
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