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Claus Spreckels, who made his for-
tune refining California sugar beets
and Hawaii sugarcane. Houses were
razed or physically moved to make
room for the mansion, which occu-
pies an entire city block. The original
house featured an indoor pool and a
circular Pompeian room with a foun-
tain. Despite the home's grand size,
it can't fit all of Ms. Steele's 20+ cars,
which are parked all over the neigh-
borhood. 2080 Washington St.
(between Octavia & Gough sts.).
4 Mary Phelan Mansion.
James Phelan, SF mayor from 1894
to1902 and U.S. senator from 1915
to1921, commissioned this house
for his sister Mary, after hers was
destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.
2150 Washington St.
5 Fillmore Street. One of the
lovelier lanes to stroll along in San
Francisco, Fillmore Street is lined with
fashionable boutiques and several
cafes. For more on shopping here, see
p 33, bullet 2 . Fillmore St., between
Jackson & Sutter sts.
7 Alta Plaza Park. Originally a
rock quarry, this park boasts wide
views of downtown, grand staircases,
a children's playground, and intricate
terraced landscaping with stately
pine trees and flower gardens. Barbra
Streisand drove down the steps in
front of Pierce and Clay streets in the
1972 movie What's Up Doc? —chips
made by this stunt are still visible on
the steps (the movie's producers
refused to pay for repairs). Fun tip: If
you stand at the top of the steps and
start walking down, you'll feel like
you're stepping off a cliff. Between
Steiner, Scott, Clay & Jackson sts.
8 Mrs. Doubtfire house.
Remember the film Mrs. Doubtfire ?
Robin Williams played a divorced
father who disguised himself as a
nanny to spend more time with his
kids at this cream-colored Victorian
with conical spires. 2640 Steiner St.
(between Pacific St. & Broadway Ave.).
9 The Hamlin School. This Ital-
ian baroque mansion, built for
James Leary Flood, son of million-
aire James Flood (one of the original
“Bonanza Kings” who struck it rich
with the Comstock Lode, an enor-
mous silver strike in Nevada), is now
an elite secular K-8 school for girls.
Director Garry Marshall shot a por-
tion of The Princess Diaries from the
6 The Coffee Bean and Tea
Leaf. Grab a traditional coffee drink
or a specialty tea concoction like a
Moroccan Mint Latte and chill out at
an outdoor table. 2201 Fillmore St.
y 415/447-9733. $.
Vividly-colored, intricate trims are typical elements of Queen-Anne homes.
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