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funky wigs (think purple afro).
Shelves of counterculture topics and
mags (hemp guides and the latest
issue of Fetish Times, for example)
are mainstays here. @ 15 min. 1525
Haight St. y 415/431-2218. Mon-Fri
noon-7pm, Sat-Sun noon-8pm.
8 Ashbury Tobacco Center.
This store, allegedly the inspiration
for Jimi Hendrix's song “Red House,”
sells 1960s paraphernalia, lava
lamps, and an assortment of smok-
ing and tobacco accessories.
@ 15 min. 1524 Haight St. (at Ash-
bury St.). y 415/552-5556. Daily
9 Distractions. This head shop
will truly leave you agape with its
collection of paraphanelia including
water pipes, incense, glow sticks,
stickers, and disco lights. @ 15 min.
1552 Haight St. y 415/252-8751.
Mon-Fri 11am-7:40pm, Sun 11am-
0 Free Medical Clinic. This
clinic was set up in 1967 with a
mission and philosophy to provide
free (and nonjudgmental) medical
care. In the beginning, many patients
sought help coming down from LSD
overdoses. Today the clinic offers
everything from help for homeless
youths to drug-detox programs .
@ 15 min. 558 Clayton St.
The historic house where the Dead lived
in the 60s.
! Former residence of
Charles Manson. The serial mur-
derer lived in this house throughout
1967. It was here that he recruited
confused young people into his cult.
@ 15 min. 636 Cole St.
@ Rainbow Mural. Just north of
Haight street is a bright, vivid mural
depicting the story of evolution
painted in 1967 by artist Yana Zegri.
She still returns from Florida to
touch it up from time to time.
@ 15 min. Haight & Cole sts.
No cost and open-minded health care is offered to the public at this clinic.
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