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drivers 15%, skycaps at airports at
least $1 per bag and hairdressers
and barbers 15% to 20%.
TOILETS Public toilets can be hard
to find in San Francisco. A handful of
fancy new French stalls have been
strategically placed on high-volume
streets, and a few small stores may
allow you access to their facilities.
Large hotels and fast-food restau-
rants are probably the best bet for
good, clean facilities. Museums,
department stores, shopping malls
and, in a pinch, gas stations all have
public toilets. If possible, avoid the
toilets at parks and beaches, which
tend to be dirty and may even be
cisco Convention and Visitors
Bureau, 900 Market St., Lower
Level, Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco,
CA 94142-2809 y 415/391-2000;
TOURIST TRAPS Around Fisher-
man's Wharf and elsewhere, you
may see manned booths with signs
proclaiming themselves tourist
information centers. These booths
are operated by private businesses
such as tour companies, boat lines,
or other attractions, and, as such,
are not the best sources of unbi-
ased advice.
TOURS Gray Line y 888/428-
69371; is SF's
largest bus-tour operator.
elers in wheelchairs can request
special ramped taxis by calling Ye l -
low Cab y 415/626-2345, which
charges regular rates for the serv-
ice. Travelers with disabilities can
also get a free copy of the Muni
Access Guide, published by the
San Francisco Municipal Railway,
Accessible Services Program, 949
Presidio Ave. y 415/923-6142,
which is staffed weekdays from 8am
to 5pm. Many travel agencies offer
customized tours and itineraries for
travelers with disabilities. Two of
King sts. y 415/972-2000; www.
San Francisco 49ers (American
Football), Candlestick Point y 415/
TAXES Sales tax of 8.5% is added to
all purchases except snack foods.
The hotel tax is 14%.
TAXIS See “Getting Around” earlier
in this chapter.
TELEPHONES For directory assis-
tance, dial y 411. Pay phones
(which are getting difficult to find)
cost 35¢ to 50¢ for local calls.
TICKETS Theater tickets: Ticket
Web ( is a popu-
lar online box office with an easy-to-
use interface and relationships with
most clubs and entertainment ven-
ues. Other resources include City
Box Office 180 Redwood St., Suite
100, San Francisco, CA 94102;
y 415/392-4400; www.cityboxoffice.
com and box offices at the individual
theaters and concert halls. TIX Bay
Area ( is a walk-up
box office selling half-price tickets on
the day of performance and full-price
tickets in advance to select events.
Tuesday to Thursday 11am to 6pm,
Friday 11am to 7pm, Saturday 10am
to 7pm, and Sunday 10am to 3pm.
Closed Mondays. The TIX Pavilion is
located in Union Square on Powell
Street, between Geary and Post.
TIPPING In hotels, tip bellhops at
least $1 per bag and tip the cham-
ber staff $2 to $3 per day (more if
you've left a disaster area); the
doorman or concierge $1-$5 only
if he or she has provided you with
some specific service (for example,
calling a cab for you or obtaining dif-
ficult-to-get theater tickets). Tip the
valet-parking attendant $1 every
time you get your car. In restau-
rants, bars, and nightclubs, service
staff expect 15% to 20% of the
check, bartenders 10% to 15%,
checkroom attendants $1 per gar-
ment, and valet-parking atten-
dants $1 per vehicle. Tip cab
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