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peeled as it crests Russian Hill —
you'll catch your first breathtaking
glimpse of the San Francisco Bay
and Alcatraz Island. See p 7.
3 Stroll through the Ferry Plaza
Farmers Market on a Saturday
morning. Taste samples of farm-fresh
fruit, handcrafted cheeses, and
roasted nuts. Buy breakfast from a
restaurant trailer car and enjoy your
morning meal by the bay. See p 15.
4 Eat a fortune cookie with no
fortune at the Golden Gate For-
tune Cookies factory in China-
town. Have a still-hot, round wafer
right off the machine that makes it.
Then watch fortunes be hand-folded
into other wafers. See p 80.
5 Make a toast at the Top of the
Mark, the Mark Hopkins InterConti-
nental's panoramic penthouse bar.
Wives and girlfriends of World War II
servicemen once watched loved
ones' ships sail off below the Golden
Gate Bridge from the northwest
“Weepers' Corner.” See p 124.
6 Behold Henri Matisse's
Woman with the Hat. Visit the San
Francisco Museum of Modern Art
and admire the outstanding collec-
tion of 20th-century art. See p 18.
Shop for eclectic clothing and accessories
on funky Haight Street.
1 Hunt for vintage clothing on
Haight Street, the one-time epicen-
ter of the 1967 “Summer of Love.”
See p 32 & 73.
2 Ride the Powell-Hyde Cable
Car. Catch a northbound car to Fish-
erman's Wharf. Keep your eyes
A row of isolation cells inside Alcatraz. Between 1933 & 1963, this infamous island
prison (aka “The Rock”) housed some of the country's most toughened criminals,
including famous gangsters Al Capone & “Machine Gun” Kelly.
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