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complexity involved, there are a few important pruning techniques like in-
formation gain that helps in the most relevant attribute selection.
Association rules
cur frequently, defining associations, or correlations among sets of items. This tech-
nique is applied in market basket analysis, cross-marketing, catalog design, and so
on. The following image depicts a rule and formulas for support, confidence, and lift
Let us now look at an example to understand how association rules technique works.
The following table presents a list of items that have been bought by the customers
of a supermarket (each line represents a single purchase by a customer):
Customer Number
Bread, Peanuts, Milk, Fruit, and Jam
Bread, Jam, Soda, Chips, Milk, and Fruit
Steak, Jam, Soda, Chips, and Bread
Jam, Soda, Peanuts, Milk, and Fruit
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