Database Reference
In-Depth Information
Client programs : Greenplum Database uses the same client interfaces as
PostgreSQL. The following clients are recommended for usage:
psql : SQL editor shipped with PostgreSQL.
pgAdmin3 : Graphical user interface from PostgreSQL developers.
ODBC drivers : Postgres ODBC driver psqlODBC.
JDBC drivers : Postgres JDBC driver pgJDBC.
Python : PyGreSQL is a famous python interface for Postgres.
libpq : Native C application programming interfaces for Postgres.
These libraries are shipped with Greenplum Database.
Perl DBI : Perl database interface API to connect Perl programs with
Greenplum Database.
There are new workbenches/tools in the market now; one of the workbenches
that is widely used is Aginity.
The Greenplum high-availability architecture
In addition to primary Greenplum system components, we can also optionally deploy
redundant components for high availability and avoiding single point of failure.
The following components need to be implemented for data redundancy:
Mirror segment instances : A mirror segment always resides on a different
host than its primary segment. Mirroring provides you with a replica of the
database contained in a segment. This may be useful in the event of disk/
hardware failure. The metadata regarding the replica is stored on the master
server in system catalog tables.
Standby masterhost : For a fully redundant Greenplum Database system, a
mirror of the Greenplum master can be deployed. A backup Greenplum mas-
ter host serves as a warm standby in cases when the primary master host
becomes unavailable. The standby master host is synchronized periodically
and kept up-to-date using transaction replication log process that runs on the
standby master to keep te master host and standby in sync. In the event of
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