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Greenplum UAP components
plum UAP.
Greenplum Database
GreenplumDatabaseisacollectionofseveralPostgreSQL databaseinstancesacting
as one interconnected database using highly-tuned optimizer. It is an MPP shared
nothing database that involves more than one node to cooperate to execute one oper-
ation. Every node has its own disk, memory, and operating system. Greenplum uses
this high-performance system architecture to distribute the load of large volume of
data warehouses and is able to use all of the system resources in parallel to process
a query.
Greenplum Database is based on PostgreSQL 8.2.15 and is very similar with respect
to SQL support, features, configuration options, and so on (additionally, features
from PostsgreSQL 8.3 and 9.0 have been included). The internals of PostgreSQL
have been modified or supplemented to support the parallel structure of Greenplum
DB. The interconnect component enables communication between the distinct Post-
greSQL instances andmakesthesystembehaveasasinglelogicaldatabase. Green-
plum DB also includes features designed to optimize Postgres for BI and DW such as
external tables (parallel data loader), resource management, and query optimization
The Greenplum Database physical architecture
A Greenplum environment or cluster consists of master host, standby master, seg-
ment nodes, and interconnect.
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