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Master/workersmodel : Master is the driver where the work is held and then
disseminated to the workers. Greenplum Database and HD modules imple-
ment this pattern. We will learn more about the architecture in the following
Producer/consumer model : Here there is no owner who triggers the work.
Producer generates work items, consumer subscribes and executes asyn-
Shared nothing, massive parallel processing (MPP)
systems, and elastic scalability
Until now, our applications have been benchmarked for certain performance and the
core hardware and its architecture determined its readiness for further scalability that
came at a cost, be it in terms of changes to the design or hardware augmentation.
With growing data volumes, scalability and total cost of ownership is becoming a big
challenge and the need for elastic scalability has become prime.
This section compares shared disk, shared memory, and shared nothing data archi-
tectures and introduces the concept of massive parallel processing.
Greenplum Database and HD components implement shared nothing data architec-
ture with master/worker paradigm demonstrating massive parallel processing capab-
Shared disk data architecture
Have a look at the following figure which gives an idea about shared disk data archi-
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