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The following table summarizes the differences between typical OLTP ( Online
Transaction Processing ) and OLAP ( Online Analytic Processing ) data stores.
Greenplum Database is flexible and supports OLTP and OLAP structures.
OLTP databases
OLAP databases
Online Transaction Processing data-
Online Analytical Process-
ing databases
Definition Involves many short online transactions
( INSERT , UPDATE , and DELETE ). Fast
query processing is the core require-
ment for these databases. Maintaining
data integrity, concurrency, and effect-
iveness measured by number of trans-
actions per second is a basic expecta-
tion. Usually characterized by high level
of normalization.
Involves relatively low
volume of transactions and
complex queries involving
slicing and dicing of data.
Data stored is usually ag-
gregated, historical in
nature, and mostly stored in
multi-dimensional schemas
(usually star schema).
Data type Operational data.
gregated data.
OLTP databases usually are the actual
sources of data.
OLAP databases consolid-
ate data from various OLTP
Execution of day-to-day business pro-
Serves decision support.
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