Database Reference
In-Depth Information
• Software/Framework:
Greenplum Database
HD (Hadoop)
Integration with third-party tools
DataComputingAppliance ( DCA ) modules: database modules, HD
modules, and Data Integration Accelerator ( DIA ) modules.
Greenplum UAP is currently being repositioned by Pivotal. The modules
and components are being rebranded to include the "Pivotal" tag and are
being packaged under PivotalOne. Few of the VMware products such as
GemFire and SQLFire are being included in the Pivotal Solution Suite
along with RabbitMQ. Additionally, support/integration with CEP ( Com-
plex Event Processing ) for real-time analytics is added. Hadoop (HD)
distribution, now called Pivotal HD, with new framework HAWQ has sup-
port for SQL-like querying capabilities for Hadoop data (a framework sim-
ilar to Impala from open source distribution). However, the current fea-
tures and capabilities of the Greenplum UAP detailed in this topic will still
continue to exist.
Big Data analytics - platform
Organizations are striving towards becoming more data driven and leverage data to
gain the competitive advantage. It is inevitable that any current business intelligence
infrastructure needs to be upgraded to include Big Data technologies and analytics
needs to be embedded into every core business process. The following diagram de-
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